Broulim’s earns awards for bakery, grocery delivery

By Katie Roenigk
For Eastern Idaho Business Report

When Broulim’s Fresh Foods launched a video campaign last fall featuring customer testimonials about online grocery shopping, participating stores saw a 91 percent increase in new signups in the program.
A total of 109 new users signed up for online shopping in Rexburg and Ammon in September, when the 15-second customer testimonials were released via email and online ads. The result was a combined online revenue increase of 21 percent from August to September across the two locations.
The success of the campaign earned Broulim’s a National Grocery Association Creative Choice award for connections through social media and digital marketing in its size category.
Sales manager Scott Zahrn said he applied for the award in order to recognize Rosie Applications, the group behind the online campaign.
“(I was) impressed with the results,” he said. “I thought it was a really nice marketing program, (and I wanted to) get it out there they’d … put that together.”
According to the award application, Rosie’s work generated nearly 150,000 online impressions and attracted more than 1,100 clicks online.
“I think what resonated with the guests the most was it was actual customers, not people we were paying to talk about our service,” Zahrn explained.
Broulim’s hired a film crew that visited the homes of five online customers to create the testimonials last May. In the application for the NGA award, Broulim’s wrote that, “documenting real customers talking about using the service and how and why it has changed the way they shop allows potential customers to relate and feel inclined to use the service themselves.”
Robert Broulim said the people who were interviewed talked about the convenience of the service, which allows them to avoid the hassle of going to the grocery store — especially during winter storms.
After a recent blizzard, Broulim said the Ammon store registered some of its busiest online shopping days since opening.
Each ad included a “call to action,” telling viewers to stay tuned for a “big reveal,” which came at the end of the campaign in the form of a four-minute promotional video release via email blast to more than 4,260 customers. The four-minute video allowed customers to see and hear from the employees who fill the online orders, selecting items like meat, produce and deli items by hand.

Broulim’s didn’t even apply for another accolade it earned this year: the “innovative bakery award” from Progressive Grocer Magazine.
“We were selected for this one,” Zahrn said. “We didn’t even know (about it).”
The chain had gotten a separate recognition from the magazine last spring, and Zahrn guessed that when magazine employees visited the Broulim’s store in Ammon at that time they noticed the bakery and felt the department deserved the award.
Broulim’s bakery includes a variety of goods made from scratch, including artisan breads and tortillas.
“We are continuing to try new things and stay up to date with trends,” Broulim’s rewards and marketing specialist Debbie McCluskey said in an email. “(The award) was for being innovative … and being different than other independent chains.”
One innovation Broulim’s is developing will offer local customers an online meal-planning and food delivery service that is scheduled for roll-out in the coming months. Zahrn and Broulim didn’t want to give out many details about the upcoming program, but Broulim said it’s “one of our biggest focuses of this quarter.” For more information call Broulim’s at (208) 745-9201.