Splash Self Serve Pet Spa caters to pet owners

Tina Dixon brought a new way to keep pets clean in Idaho Falls.

Customers can come to Splash Self Serve Pet Spa at 333 W. Broadway St. and use Dixon’s tubs, shampoos, aprons, blowers and towels to wash their dogs, or cats. When they’re done, Dixon cleans up after them. The cost is $15.

Dixon said there were a couple of self-serve pet spas where she used to live in California. She had an old dog that couldn’t get into her tub at home, but was able to use the ramps at the spas. When she moved here she realized Idaho Falls could use a similar business.

“I just wanted to be in business for myself and I was just looking for an opportunity where there was a need,” she said.

James Minton has been bringing his dog, Charlie, to Splash for two years.

“It’s really nice because they supply the towels, they supply the soap and the conditioner and they have excellent facilities to wash your dog with,” he said. “So it’s a lot easier than having to bend down in the shower or whatever, and plus you‘ve got all the hair and they clean up after you. It’s a bargain, a real bargain.”

Minton said he keeps coming back because they treat him well. “They’re very customer oriented, and take good care of us and make suggestions and help us,” he said.

Dixon also sells pet supplies, ranging from dog and cat food to pet toys to life jackets for dogs. And everything in Dixon’s store from the pet supplies to the tubs are made in the U.S.

“I really do a lot of research and I don’t want just USA-made products, I want good quality, USA-made products,” she said. “When I opened up I just decided that I wasn’t supporting other countries, that we have people here that need jobs.”

She said she also has premium products from independent companies that you won’t find at big chain stores.

“Like the Victor Dog Food,” she said, “you’re not going to find that at PetSmart or Walmart and it’s one of my biggest sellers.”

Shelby Beckstead has been getting her dog food at Splash since it opened.

“(It’s) extremely important it’s not shipped overseas and you know what’s in it, and they actually have lists of what’s in the food and they can tell you the manufacturers names and who they talk to,” she said

Knowing what is in her dog’s food is important to Beckstead.

“I want to know what I’m feeding my dog just like what I feed myself,” she said. “We want to know what’s in our food, right?”

Dixon’s goal is to inform customers about her dog food, which is her best seller.

“I really look more toward educating the people, reading the label and knowing what’s in the food, and then going from there, and there’s a lot of options,” she said.

Dixon’s favorite part of the job is “helping people, whether it be educating them on dog food and what to feed their dog or just showing how to wash their dog.”

“I really enjoy it, I look forward to coming to work every day,” she said. “It’s not like ‘It’s Monday, I gotta go to work.’ It’s like’ ‘Oh, it’s Monday, I’ve got to get my dog food order in.’ I just enjoy it.”

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